5 Reasons why You Should book that Couple shoot!

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Couple Sessions are becoming very popular for me in 2020, it used to be me just doing a complimentary one with a wedding booking (making couples do it!!!) and now couples who aren’t even getting hitched are joining in on the fun! Yay!

So if you are considering a couple shoot? YES!!! High fives all around here 🙂

Who wouldn’t want to hang out for a couple of hours in a EPIC location with the person you’d give that last bite of your cake too?? or maybe a simple hour chill in the backyard?

When the session is over you have all these AMAZING images to look back on. You will be looking so beautiful and so in looooovvvveeee.

Still unsure?? read on….

  1. Its all about YOU

Great way to reconnect, get closer together, to zone out… put your bloody phones away and enjoy each others company! Its all about you and capturing your connection for each other. Couple shoots are fun and relaxed. No awkward Posing and cheesy smiles…

Guys…. It aint your deb photos?? time to trust and have some fun!!!


This is a great way to see if you have this unreal vibe with them, if they suit your style, the experience was incredible and makes the decision of booking them for your big day down the track so much easier! Also a bonus to have practice before your wedding photos, that way you learn to become comfortable in front of a camera and in front of your photographer.

3. Tell Your Story!

Your unique story about your Love and finding each other! Your shoot can be done at a location thats so special to you. Where you first met? Where you love to spend time together? You get me?? Anything that makes you feeeeeel comfortable and help to tell your story…. which makes for a beautiful memory in the future!

4. You get BEAUTIFUL images

Yay!!!! not a selfie on your phone…. your images are amazing and high quality. Moments when you hold hands and he/she smiled at you like their the luckiest person on earth to have you! When they are so close you can feel the breath on your skin and cant resist that kiss. Those incredible moments of the both of you, captured for you both.


You can have a few different options at a shoot. You want to tell you story? If your fav place is having a beer by the river with you dogs incorporated that into your shoot.. then afterwards have a waterfight in the river with the dogs? Love being in your backyard of the new home you just purchased? lets do that! Hang some white sheets up, have a platter and kick the footy? Loved your first date at the drive-in movies? OMG lets go back and document those snuggles? Love to Skateboard? lets go document that!

Hope Im giving you some crazy but pretty AWESOME ideas! You don’t have to go to an open field at sunset as all your friends are doing it….

Whats next….

Im Fingers-crossing that I have convinced you in someway that documenting your love at any stage of your relationship is important. Even when your 50 years old. Book a SESSION and lets capture your LOVE story and show your emotion plus connection in these images!

Mac xx

P.S Below is a MAGICAL session that Tee and Nath let me create in their Backyard! I FREAKING love it!!! and hope you do too.



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